I finally came around to register an .io domain. If you look at it, it’s quite impressive how long time it took me to do so. While I already have several other domains that I used for blogs and similar I never really was happy with the way it worked.

I’ve been itching to get something working on-top of static site generators and Github Pages was a good way to go, I believe.

So back to the domain. I wanted to get the alexejk.io specifically for using with Go vanity URLs. That is to use alexejk.io/pkgname import paths instead of a bit longer (and hard-tied to Github) github.com/alexejk/pkgname. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Github and what they have done lately, but still - it’s nice to be able to move your source around without breaking any imports for people if such need arises.

P.S: I’ll post later how I’ve done the vanity URL support on-top of GitHub Pages.